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Frequently Asked Questions

Patient Information
Billing Information
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Patient Information


Central Texas Pathology Laboratory is located in the
Six West Medical Center
601 West Hwy 6
Suite 111
Waco, TX 76710

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 21509
Waco, TX 76702-1509


            Telephone/Fax Numbers

(254) 752-9621,             Option 1 (Billing / Administration)

                                    Option 2 (For Pathology Reports)

                                    Option 3 (For the Histology Lab)

                                    Option 4 (For the Cytology Lab)

                                    Option 5 (To request slides or blocks)

                                    Option 6 (For Purchasing or Finance)

                                    Option 7 (For Immunohistochemistry)

                                    Option 8 ( For Molecular Pathology)

(254) 756-2047            Laboratory Department Fax

(254) 752-8378            Billing Department Fax

(254) 751-1876            Immunohistochemistry Fax



What is a Pathologist and how does he/she fit into my healthcare?

A Pathologist is a specialist physician who is responsible for diagnosing tissue specimens, body fluids, Pap Smears and other specimens taken from you during surgery or a Doctorís examination.  Your Doctor will send the specimen to a Pathologist to examine and diagnose.  Your Doctor depends on the Pathologist to issue a Pathology Report that will tell him or her if the specimen contains cancerous cells.


How long will it take my Doctor to get the Pathology Report from the Pathologist?

In the vast majority of cases, the report will be completed within 48 hours.  If special stains or additional studies are required, it may take longer.  Your Doctor will be notified by a Pathologist when a report may be delayed beyond 48 hours.


Can the Pathologist or a representative of your Laboratory explain my Pathology Results?

Your diagnostic results are returned to your Doctor who can best interpret the result for you.


How can I find out more about my condition or diagnosis?

You can learn more by visiting one of the following web sites:





Billing Information


The Billing Department of Central Texas Pathology Laboratory is located in Suite 111 of the Six West Medical Center.  Payment can be made in person at this location or mailed to Central Texas Pathology Laboratory, P.O. Box 21509, Waco, Texas 76702-1509.


Telephone/Fax Numbers

(254) 752-9621             Option 1 (Billing)                     

(254) 752-8378            Billing Department Fax



Why did I get a bill from Central Texas Pathology Laboratory when I was never there?

When your Doctor performs a Pap smear or collects a body fluid or tissue specimen during an office visit, they send the specimen to Central Texas Pathology Laboratory for diagnosis by a Pathologist.


                        Will you file my insurance for me?

Yes, we actually prefer to file the insurance claim for the patient as long as we have the correct insurance information.  If you receive a bill asking for insurance information or for additional information, please call our billing department at (254) 752-9621, option 1.  Please have your insurance card available to give a Billing Associate all the information necessary.  As an added convenience, you may also fax a copy (front and back) of your insurance card to our Billing Department at (254) 752-8378.


Will you also file my secondary insurance?

Yes, as long as we have the correct insurance information.


What methods of payment will Central Texas Pathology accept?

Central Texas Pathology Laboratory will accept cash, personal checks, money orders or credit card. 
Click Here to pay online with check or credit card.


Can I make payment arrangements, if I cannot pay the entire sum at one time?

Yes, we realize that medical cost are very high and even with insurance coverage, many patients are faced with very high deductibles.  To make payment arrangements for a bill, simply phone our Billing Department, talk to one of our Billing Associates and set-up a monthly payment plan.


I have received a bill from Central Texas Pathology Laboratory. Can I call and get an explanation of the charges?

Yes, call our Billing Department at (254) 752-9621, option 1, and ask one of our Billing Associates to review your charges.


Will my insurance company pay for the Pathology examination of my specimen?

That depends on your individual insurance policy coverage, but as a general rule, most insurance policies or group medical coverage policies cover Pathological examination of tissue specimens and Cytological examination of body fluids.


Will my insurance company pay for my Pap smear?

Again, that depends on your individual insurance coverage. Most insurance companies will pay for one screening Pap smear per year, unless you have a history of gynecologic problems or have had an abnormal Pap smear in the past, in which case they may pay for more than one per year. Medicare only pays for one screening Pap smear every two (2) years. If you are a Medicare patient with a history of gynecological problems, including cancer, or a previously abnormal Pap smear, Medicare will pay for additional Pap smears.


My Doctorís office has a copy of my insurance card, do you need also need a copy of my insurance card?

Yes, Central Texas Pathology Laboratory definitely needs a copy of your insurance card.  Not only do we need the front of you card with the name, group number, policy number and date of birth, we also need a copy of the back side for your insurance card.  The address to send claims and important telephone numbers are usually on the back of a patientís insurance card.  In addition, we must file a claim with the insurance information exactly as it appears on the patient insurance card, especially with Medicare patients. 


Physician Information

Insurance Information

With the large number of specimens we receive from the Central Texas area, we accept a large number of insurances.  Please have you office staff contact our Billing Department concerning a specific insurance carrier. 

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